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Raising a child is one of the toughest things in the world. Choosing their school and making sure they receive a great education isn't easy either. At GreatSchools we try to make that journey a little easier for parents, whether it's providing them with accurate school data, or guiding them in life as they raise their child.

We hope you've benefited from using GreatSchools in some way. As a non-profit organization, every dollar we make above operating costs goes back into making GreatSchools better. Since the site's launch in 1998, when our focus was only on Bay Area schools, we've expanded nationwide. We have hundreds of thousands of schools in our database and million of parent reviews - but we're really only just getting started.

As the education landscape changes and the world evolves in the 21st century, GreatSchools is keeping pace. We rely on generous funding from a variety of benevolent organizations to keep bringing you school and education information. However, there is always more we can do. That's why we've decided to make an open call for donations.

Unlike many charities, we're not looking for specific amounts from you. However, like many non-profit organizations, we know that every penny we receive in donations will help us do more of what we do best - providing you with great school and education information, for free, forever.

If you've found GreatSchools to be useful in your life, or if you believe in our mission to ensure every child goes to a great school, we hope you'll donate to GreatSchools. Any amount is welcome.